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Is one of the best secrets for reducing the monthly fixed costs of your business escaping you? If you are the typical business, it is!  You are currently missing some of the best secrets for reducing your fixed costs simply because no one has shared with you the specific knowledge and the specific path that will normally bring, even to a small business, a reduction of several thousand dollars a year in your fixed costs.
If you are a medium or large sized business, your savings could be tens or even hundreds of thou-sands of dollars annually.   It could be MILLIONS of dol-lars in savings and fixed cost reductions during the warranty periods that we offer - warranties that extend out for as long as 5 YEARS!
Who are we? 21st Century Lighting has been in business here for over 40 years. We are a locally owned and operated company. We offer the best values available in lighting - from replacement light bulbs and ballasts to fixtures. We have the lowest pricing, greatest brand variety, and highest quality lights in Hawaii. Ever hear of General Electric, Philips, Premium Quality Lighting, Sylvania, TCP, Toshiba, and other major brands? We carry all these brands and many more! We also provide you with timely delivery service.
Best of all, we get other entities to subsidize hundreds to even thousands of dollars of your product purchase cost! We do this on almost everything that you purchase - we certainly do it for the majority of the most popular "bread and butter" lamp types!
So you want some specific examples? OK! Take your common 50 watt halogen MR16. Use the one we have that is just as bright, and save over $110 per light per year! We can get half or more of the cost subsidized, so that your payback is as little as 2 months!

...or, go to our new LED linear 4 foot tube
, and save over $40 per light per year in energy! Save well over $200 more in energy with this tube during it's warranty! How many 4ft tubes like this do you have? Multiply that by $200, & you can save that much or more!*

* Based on 24 hours per day and a $.32 kilowatt rate.
There are many other new options available in fluorescent linear, CFL, LED and other lamp types. These include everything from decorative chandelier lamps to the PAR, R, and BR lamps (i.e., PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, R30, etc.). We can assist you in making optimal choices in moving to your best new alter-natives and save money in the process. It is not uncommon at all for us to save a small business thousands of dollars every year in energy costs. The larger your business is, the more we are apt to save you!
In almost every circumstance, we will get hundreds to thousands of dollars in subsidies to help you recoup your initial investment costs. Paybacks can be as little as 2-6 months! All LED's and CFL'S have a warranty available as well. Some are for as long as 5 years! That's quality combined with security for your investment! We are especially effective when working with large buildings and chain stores in significantly reducing their fixed and long term costs.
Shouldn't you at least check us out? We would enjoy giving you some great pricing!!! We just need to know the existing lights that you are currently using. Once you provide us with about 5 lamp types (send as many as you wish!) we can then send you pricing on those items and energy efficient alternatives that will lower your energy costs.
Please take the time to return to us at least 5 very high volume types that you use and we will provide you with our pricing and suggestions on energy savings! You will be surprised at what we can do for you! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time!

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